• Wolford Rockin' Rose Tights

Wolford Rockin' Rose Tights

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In a floral pattern to rival the displays at the Chelsea Flower Show, Wolford’s Rockin’ Rose tights mix an ultra-girly trend with a touch of goth.

Please note: we are restricted from distributing our Wolford products to Australia.
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20 Denier
Matte Finish
Sheer Toe
Sheer to Waist Brief
52% Nylon, 38% Polyester, 10% Elastane
Wolford’s Rockin’ Rose are the ultimate hosiery item for women who love their floral patterns but wish there were more than just the ultra-girly pastel orientated peony patterns. Beware that the bold Rockin’ Rose tights are not for any shrinking violets.

The Rockin’ Rose tights mix girly with super glam and a sprinkling of goth in their semi-opaque Sahara/Black geometric Rose pattern. A sheer to waist design, the textured felt-like roses run to the top of the thigh on top of a lovely sheer background. With one solo rosebud sitting on the waist of the tights, taking them on and off will always hold a special surprise! Topped with a 3cm soft and stretchy comfort band, the tights are super soft and luxurious, qualities the Wolford name consistently promises in abundance.

In a pair of tights like these, your pins do all the talking so be sure to pair with plain patterns and if in doubt, wear with black. Your legs deserve to be the centre of attention more than just once in a while.

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