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Bare Leg Look

The days of bare leg hosiery being frumpy and unflattering (think American tan tights) are a thing of the past. Ultra sheer hosiery has advanced greatly in recent years, and a flawless finish is now ridiculously easy to achieve - your legs, but better!

Giving your legs an even, natural look with a stunning moisturised finish, natural look sheer tights are designed to match your skin tone, and in some cases may even give you a post-holiday glow (we won’t tell they're actually fake tan tights if you don’t!) Worn by the likes of the Duchess of Cambridge, you’ll be in good company when you reach for the bare leg look tights.

Tightsplease stock a wide variety of bare leg looks, including the best-selling Falke Shelina range and the Pretty Polly Naturals collection. So say goodbye to opaques and show off your legs in style! Shh… nobody needs to know.