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Leggings and footless tights – practical, stylish, and above all indispensable. Perfect teamed with cute tops and dresses for a casual daytime look or dressed up with a pair of killer heels in the evening, we have an excellent range of footless styles for every occasion. Our products include footless tights, which tend to be finer and made from hosiery material, or leggings UK collection, which are thicker and cosier than footless tights!

If you really want to turn heads, be sure to have a look at our range of fashion leggings, offering stylish alternatives such as lace, patterns and vibrant coloured leggings – a perfect way to add interest to any outfit and differeny to everyday plain black leggings. Or if the mere thought of donning a pair of wet look leggings makes you break out in a sweat, why not have a look at our fabulous collection of traditional tights, instead?

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