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Kids these days are demanding, right? No longer happy with their siblings’ hand me downs, our children want to look stylish and ahead of the fashion pack at all times. If you're looking to get your kids in tights they're happy with, look no further. Our great range of classic school tights, jazzy party tights, and practical cotton tights not only offer quality at an unbeatable price, but are sure to give you some peace and quiet…until tomorrow at least!

Whether your child is a cute toddler or a pesky teenager, we’ve got their perfect fit. Our children’s tights are suitable for ages 3-11, but as well as this, we stock some products designed for teenagers aged 12 to 17. If you’re after children’s essential tights, school tights, coloured opaques or stylish sheers, look no further than our fantastic Pex range. Or for premium cotton tights in an array of colours, adorable patterns and tights with a bit of sparkle perfect for birthday parties, the Country Kids childrens tights collection will not disappoint!

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